Runed Forever Leather
Welcome to Runed Forever Leather! Showcasing custom armor and other leather accessories for SCA, renfaires, LARPs, cosplay, and whatever else you may find yourself needing leather armor for, such as grocery shopping and laser tag.

Pieces pictured here may be available or may have been already sold. But if I made it once, I can make something like it again. For any inquiries about giving me money and/or barter goods/services in exchange for pretty leather things, email me. Commissions welcome!

If you're here for the Real Vikings Punch Nazis shirts or stickers, they're here:
If you'd like a copy of the info sheet on Norse runes and white supremacy, here is a pdf. Feel free to email me if you want the file in .doc format. As mentioned on the info sheet, I do not sell to Nazis or white supremacists.

Oh, and if you're looking for the naughty stuff, it's here. If you're any of my relatives, you didn't see that link; it's probably some kind of malware.